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We take a different approach to specializing. We are experts at recruiting all disciplines.  We are not specialist in just marketing or finance or manufacturing.  We work hard at making our clients our specialty. Through interviews with key personnel, and in-depth research, we determine our client's corporate culture.  We then understand the personal characteristics necessary for a new placement to be successful in that particular environment.

Our ability to readily work with a broad and diverse client base is grounded in the fact that we have never turned away what we identify as a Signature Candidate.  Signature Candidates are high caliber individuals whose core values and skills have been recognized as superior.  These are candidates we’d be proud to present and they become part of our network even though they are in industries we may not currently serve.

By working with these high-level professionals we develop a shared trust.  They know we deal only with high caliber companies and that we are working to find them a long-term career fit.  We tell them right up front that we may not find them an employment opportunity but if we put an opportunity before them, they’ll know it will be a good fit.  Knowing that we have their best interest in mind, they readily share their networks with us.  Successfully servicing a client in a “new” market segment is a matter of utilizing our already established networks.  This carefully nurtured candidate base has enabled us to grow our client base into fourteen different industries and the not-for-profit arena.

Although we use sophisticated software and the internet to maintain our databases, our primary method of recruitment is through personal referral.  Our clients tell us our “network of contacts gives us a credibility found lacking in other agencies."  My personal, signature style of placement, of carefully matching candidate and client makes for solid, long-term employee-employer alliances and improved company bottom lines.  My first placement is still employed with my first client twenty-two years later.

My promise:
Only when I am satisfied that a candidate meets all requirements
will I sign-off on submitting that candidate to a client.